Supplier Profile: Camden Town Brewery

A closer look at a London gem

unspecified-18One of the stars of our pumps is the Camden Hells Lager, one of the classic pints from Camden Town Brewery. It’s founder, Jasper Cuppaidge, was inspired to start brewing beer by his own taste for lager. Disappointed with what the market currently had to offer, he wanted to make lager great again in his own town, and so Camden Town Brewery was born.

Jasper, who already owned a pub, had a good understanding of how to improve on the quality of what was already out there. He strived to strike the perfect balance between hops, yeast and grain, and worked tirelessly to produce a range he was satisfied with. Even today, improving upon their current brews is important to Camden Town Brewery, which means constant monitoring is required.

Camden Hells itself is a classic – easy drinking, with a depth of flavour that makes it stand out from the first sip. It combines the crisp style of a German Pilsner, with the gentle hopping of a Helles to create the perfect drink for lager connoisseurs and beer lovers alike. We’re proud stock this award winning lager from a home grown brewery who have made it big in the beer world.