(Anti) Valentine’s Day in Worthing at The Corner House

We’re doing Valentine’s day in Worthing our way

valentine's day in WorthingIt’s the same every year as we head towards 14th February. The shops fill up with soppy cards, huge bunches of flowers sit proudly at the front of supermarkets, and the pressure is piled on to not only buy gifts, but also go out for an extra romantic evening with your other half. It’s not exactly a highlight of the year for single people either. This year, however, we’re shunning the traditional customs of Valentine’s day in Worthing. You won’t find twee tables for two, or fresh red roses on every table, or even a romantic menu at The Corner House. We’re doing February 14th our way, and we’re calling it anti-Valentine’s day.

Our thinking behind this is that we’ll provide a good night at the pub, with quality food and a cosy atmosphere, to be enjoyed whether you’re single, in a relationship, or just fancy a night out with your best friends. There’ll be no soppy stuff, or exclusive menus for loved up couples – everyone is welcome. In recognition of the occasion, we’re going to have some exceptional specials in addition to our usual menu, guaranteed to be delicious. These will be revealed nearer the time.

Snub the flowery stuff that usually comes with Valentines day, and escape the restriction of an expensive set menu. Enjoy February 14th cocooned within the cosy Corner House.