Tuesday Treats: Pie in Worthing at Pie & Pint Night

Our Tuesday treat ensures we’re the place for pie in Worthing

pie in WorthingAt The Corner House, we believe that pie is for all year round; not just the winter. With meat from a trusted local farm, plus fresh, seasonal vegetables from our grocers in Worthing, and the skilled hands of our chef, our pies are far too good to limit to just the colder months, which is why pie in Worthing goes strong every Tuesday at Pie & Pint Night.

The selection of pies on a Tuesday night includes a meat option (recently steak and ale), a  vegetable pie (pumpkin pie got rave reviews immediately), and a traditional dish, like cottage pie. All of these are served with creamy mash and seasonal vegetables, as well as a pint, for £9.95. The pint can be replaced with a medium glass of house wine, lager (Bedlam Pilsner), or any regular priced ale.

We showcase our pie in Worthing with pie & pint night every Tuesday night – forget cooking dinner, come down and try our pie for yourself.