Fundraising Quiz in Worthing

Gareth E Owen hosts a fantastic fundraising quiz in Worthing

Even if you haven’t made it to The Corner House yet, you’ll have probably already seen that we’ve recently become home to Gareth E Owen’s quiz. It’s an extremely popular night every Monday, but it doesn’t just provide a great weekday night out – it raises funds for Superstar Arts, a non-profit community interest company that delivers creative educational projects and workshops for people with learning disabilities in the Worthing area.

superstararts2Superstar Arts was founded in 2012 in order to create new and exciting opportunities for those with learning difficulties by providing high quality, innovative artistic experiences, and encourage unique ideas, confidence building and social exploration. They work in partnership with similar groups and organisations to provide volunteer and work placement opportunities, and further strengthen the support network for people with learning disabilities in the Worthing area. Their projects are funded by grants from local authorities and charities, and from the fees paid by our participants, in addition to kind donations from local people. You can find out more about their fantastic work and how to donate over on their website.

Gareth’s quiz at The Corner House provides a great platform to fundraise for this important organisation within our community, and we’re so proud to be hosting a fun night that makes a real difference to others. Join us from 8pm every Monday to take part in Gareth’s Quiz.