Desserts at The Corner House

Our chef has desserts on the brain at our gastropub in Sussex

whatsapp-image-2017-07-23-at-14-51-09-1Fruit, cold dishes, and sweet treats are definitely a common craving amongst food fans when the summer months arrive. It’s with this in mind, our chef has been busy in the kitchen crafting some absolutely glorious desserts at our gastropub in Sussex – and they’re on as specials for the foreseeable future.

The first is a Corner House twist on the classic summer pudding – quintessentially British, and just what you need after a filling main course. Juicy summer berries surrounded by soft, fluffy sponge and served with a delicious fruit sauce. The second is a mango semifreddo, which is a semi frozen dessert that falls halfway between a mousse and an ice cream. The mango gives it the perfect summer flavour, and it’s served with a medley of fresh fruit.

Our gastropub in Sussex is known for delicious specials, and these desserts are no different. Call us to book a table on 01903 216463, and see what triumphs our chef has created for our blackboard!