gin in worthing

Brand New Gin Menu at The Corner House

Our selection of gin in Worthing is expanding

If there’s any drink that’s ‘in’ at the moment, it’s gin. With tonic, with lemonade, and in a variety of flavours; however you prefer this stylish drink, you’ll find plenty of options at The Corner House. Thanks to Fever Tree, we’ve got a snazzy new menu detailing every gin we offer, right down to grouping them in styles, flavours and mixer pairing.

Our classic dry gins are perfectly paired with Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water, and are provided by Berry Bros, Copperhead, and Foxhole. Foxhole in particular is a favourite of ours, as it is created from the by-products of the Sussex grape harvest.

Citrus and herbaceous gins are a popular choice, and some of the favourites include Bathtub Gin, Brighton Gin, and Buss No.509, amongst others.  They’re best served with Fever Tree mediterranean tonic water, and all feature fresh, zesty flavours, with a few bold gins thrown in the mix too.

There are also ginger serves, robust gins, and floral gins available – see our gin list for the full selection! Safe to say there is plenty of choice for any gin lover. In the warmer weather you’ll find our garden gin bar open, perfect for enjoying gin alfresco in our beautiful outside space.